It Takes a Village to Make a Handcrafted Rattan Bag

You may have heard of that proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” That’s very true here in Bali. It means that your community helps to take care of, look out for, and ultimately contribute to the welfare of your children as they grow up.

What you may not have known is that it also takes a village, figuratively speaking but sometimes literally, to create one of our rattan bags. Each bag is not usually painstakingly made by just one immensely talented individual, but painstakingly made by many, many talented and tireless craftspeople.
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Judy Garland in Gingham

Gingham is Back, Baby!

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Have you noticed that gingham is trending lately?

Judy Garland, complete with pigtails and wicker basket, wore arguably the most famous gingham dress in history back in 1939 as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz.  The inexpensive checkered cloth became a symbol of innocence in simpler times just like the character itself, who just wanted to go back home to her old country home in Kansas.

Dorothy Gale, trendsetter

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Jane Birkin circa 1960s

Jane Birkin’s iconic, timeless, casual chic style.

Iconic. Inspirational. Chic. Nonchalant. Timeless.

I keep seeing these terms over and over again attached to photographs and fashion blogs attributed to one person: Jane Birkin.

There are very few people who fit those descriptions more than Jane Birkin, the English girl who came to Paris unable to speak a word of French, fell in love and married one of their greatest cultural icons, and continued to become a fashion inspiration of her own and a symbol of free love in 1960s Paris.
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