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New PolkaDee Gingham Round Rattan Bags

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I love gingham and I won’t lie about it. Of course, you’d already know that because I already wrote a journal post about it. The understated checkered cloth adds to your wardrobe a touch of country style, a soupçon of vintage French style, and a heaping lot of casual elegance and class, without calling too much attention to itself.

We’re also all about the rattan bag. The hot trending item in women’s fashion accessory right now is cute, eye-catching, and gives a fun, casual rustic accent to your appearance.  Plus, these wicker bags are made right here in our home of Bali, Indonesia, by skilled artisans working in their village. We aim to support our artisans and buy our products from them at fair market prices.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot, bringing gingham back

So, on one hand, we have the ever-stylish gingham, which Brigitte Bardot made all the rage in 1960’s Paris. On the other, the humble basket bag, which Jane Birkin turned into her signifying fashion accessory around the same time.

Jane Birkin la Piscine

At PolkaDee, we’re merging these two expressions of timeless fashion in our flagship rattan basket bags. We’ve had country red gingham available for a while, but now you can get our bags with classic black gingham lining!

Gingham Round Rattan Bag

Gingham Round Rattan Bag

Not available anywhere else on the Internet. Only available here at PolkaDee!

Check it out below:

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