Fish Wooden Spoons Sets of 4


These sets of 4 spoons and forks are the perfect all-rounder size for your small-medium serving cutlery. They can be used for eating smoothies, breakfast, dinner and dessert. You can also use them to scoop sugar, spices, and dip sauces and basically any other thing you can think of! Each wooden cutlery is unique just like you!

– Handcrafted in beautiful Bali; not made in China
– Easy to clean
– No artificial glues or lacquers
– Sustainable products for everyday living
– Living with Nature not against it
– All of our products are biodegradable
– Fair trade practices when sourcing our products
– Reusable
– Freeshipping worldwide!

– Diameter average 14cm /5in

*As natural shell coconut is different in shape and colour please keep in mind that they vary in the above sizes and colours*

**Also, please note that they have been polished so they will be thinner and weigh less**

Care Instructions:
Please see the care instructions below to keep your wooden cutlery products in tip-top shape.

– Follow these tips and your coconut cutlery will enjoy a beautiful, long life
– Avoid exposing to extreme heat conditions. Exposure to hot temperatures may occasionally cause the serving dish to crack.
– Hand wash only with soapy water, wipe clean and dry immediately, no dishwashers for these beauties
– Avoid putting your cutlery in the fridge, freezer, oven, or microwave
– Rub with coconut oil every so often to keep the lustre and to add moisture, especially in drier climates.


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